The Day I Learned Who Really Feeds the Birds

         My neighbor M felt she was single-handedly responsible for it. Her bird feeders were sustaining the population of birds in our subdivision she intimated one day, as we chatted across the fence.  At the time I had felt no need to challenge her claim.  In later years, the County had declared … Continue reading The Day I Learned Who Really Feeds the Birds

Lights are for Shining!

     As my eyes glanced over the Christmas curios on the shelf in Hobby Lobby, I reminded myself, “Only stuff of the true Christmas”.  It has become my safeguard against the wanton spending I am tempted to engage in at this time of year.      I rehearsed under my breath as I browsed: … Continue reading Lights are for Shining!

“Down From His Glory” – Condescension

     I remember the crazy rocking of the plastic flowers on top of the little pump organ in response to Aunty Patsy’s efforts.  She coaxed the Christmas carol through its ancient fittings, pressing the pedals below with exuberance.  First up, in the annual program, the children’s Sunday school class of the Church of the … Continue reading “Down From His Glory” – Condescension

A New Generation of Women’s Magazine

So, today I received my copy of the Premiere edition of The Joyful Life Magazine! It is beautiful! Over the course of this year, I have had the privilege of watching this project come together. In the process, founder/ editor Sandi Sutton and her team have created a virtual community on Facebook and started a … Continue reading A New Generation of Women’s Magazine

“Going Back Home” – Pt. 2: ‘Unpacking the Baggage’

‘Sight-seeing’ in the land of your birth, as a visiting migrant, is a whole different ball-game. Every little thing becomes infused with significance — every bus stop, corner or fence a landmark; every tree, every flower, every fruit an event to re-live, an incident to memorialize...

“Going Back Home” – Pt. 1: Why you can’t ‘Just Do It’

I promised in early August to do a weekly post chronicling highlights of my trip home to Jamaica, taken at the end of July 2018, BUT I forgot to add 'Deo Volente' (God Willing)! Well, life happened, as they say, complicated by schedule-altering transitions. Nonetheless, here at last: "Going Back Home" (in four parts); 'Deo … Continue reading “Going Back Home” – Pt. 1: Why you can’t ‘Just Do It’

Does God Expect Joy to Always Look Like Happiness?

The moment I entered my new friend’s apartment, I could tell that Gabby was the life of the party. I burned calories just watching her enthusiastically engage in activity — turning cartwheels, parading her fashion dolls and savoring her fries and fish sticks. Her eyes twinkled with a million thoughts and unanswered questions, which she … Continue reading Does God Expect Joy to Always Look Like Happiness?

Holy Week Reflections (2018) – Fruit on the Road From Bethany

   I think Jesus liked figs.  At the top of His last week, He curses a fig tree for its leafy show without fruitfulness, just as He had referenced another fig tree in a parable earlier in His ministry.  In the parable, the keeper intercedes for the tree, buying it some more time for fruit-bearing.  … Continue reading Holy Week Reflections (2018) – Fruit on the Road From Bethany

Holy Week Reflections (2018) – The King’s Ride

I love Easter!      I love ceremony that helps seal my awareness and that celebrates the restorative, reconciling events of life on planet earth, and Easter is just about the most important Bridge Event that ever was. This, my first post this holy season, will not have any specifically cross-cultural references, such as the … Continue reading Holy Week Reflections (2018) – The King’s Ride

 Slow walk to Refreshing

Antsy...! That was the word! I had stuff to do - projects to start or finish - but wandered around the house dictated to by the demands of existence rather than accepting the invitations of Life. My devotional routine seemed fine. I was keeping up fairly well with the church's Bible reading project (I had … Continue reading  Slow walk to Refreshing